How Do I book you?
Hit me up here and I will reach back out to you within 24-hours. If I’m available on your date, I’ll send you a pretty little proposal where you can choose which packages and add-ons you’re interested in. A 50% reservation deposit and signed contract are all you need to secure your date!

Ok ok, I’m not quite ready to pay a deposit. Can you hold my date?
Sadly, I can’t reserve or hold dates without a deposit and signed contract.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Credit card, debit card, PayPal and Venmo

Can we meet up IRL (in real life)?
YES please! I love meeting my potential or booked clients face-to-face. But I’m not going to force ya. Life gets BUSY. Trust me, I get that. So if FaceTime or phone calls or email are more your jam, I am here to build our relationship in whatever way is most convenient for you

What’s your approach to on-location audio?
My approach to audio is more abstract-–and largely based on the vibe and mood of your wedding. It typically involves two components: a gorgeous, licensable music track (of my recommendation and/or your choosing) and rare, real words spoken on your day. Rather than record every word spoken, I prefer to mic the groom (because his suit can hide the small mic pack) during various parts of the day to capture his audible expressions. Sometimes I will also capture quotes from the toast or ceremony—this is all up for discussion and something we establish once you book me! Ultimately, I lean on my creative discretion to extract whichever spoken moments enhance the integrity of your wedding story.


Do you shoot photo as well?
While I do not shoot photo simultaneously with video, I DO have a slick list of recommended photographers whose talent I stand behind and who I adore working with. It’s SUPER important that your Videographer and Photographer have a great chemistry. It influences the atmosphere and makes the process of working with a visual arts team that much more fun. If you’re interested in my list of recommendations, let me know!

I’m not a professional model or actor. How can you assure me this will be amazeballs?
Me neither, dude. And the thought of being on camera can feel really intimidating and unknown. I get it. I’ll fill you in on a little magic here—the ONLY secret ingredient to ensuring you have a video you love is: choosing a videographer you trust. No but really, it ALL COMES DOWN TO CHEMISTRY. Do you feel comfortable with your videographer? Do you feel like you can be yourself? Do you feel appreciated and calm? Ask yourself these questions no matter who you end up booking. Could be me. Could be someone else. Ultimately, it’s a FEELING more than anything else. I’ve been told my personality is approachable and disarming. When we are shooting together, I focus on making you confident by calmly directing you and your partner based on what body language feels natural and looks bomb. Don’t stress. I got you.


How long will we have to wait for our video?
Alas, I am a one woman show. But I also hustle hard. Most of my packages include a teaser within 4-weeks of your wedding. For final video, I aim to deliver within 3 to 4 months after your wedding. If you add some a la carte items to your package, your deadline may be extended by a couple weeks.

What if I need the video sooner?
I offer a project rush fee that helps your video move up in my work queue. If this interests you, let me know.

Do you travel?
I certainly do––both within the state of Washington and outside of it. For shoots outside of WA, I only ask that my travel, lodging, and transpo (Lyfts or rental whip depending on the logistics of everything) be covered. I prefer to book my travel myself usually 6-months out from your wedding and will be prudent to pick options that are budget friendly for your final approval before including them on your final invoice.

Do you record full ceremonies and toasts?
I shoot video much like a photographer snaps photographs. When I see something inspiring, I press record. I don’t leave my camera on record for the duration of a ceremony or speeches. My focus is on creating a badass, artful wedding video that balances sight and sound in the most captivating way.