my work is candid & intimate. I pride myself in shooting as unobtrusively as possible––blending in to the background to capture rad little moments just as they unfold. I never want my work to feel forced or overly orchestrated. I am behind-the-scenes. I am quietly integrated. I am merely a witness to the beauty I observe.


my work is honest & endearing. I am deeply connected to the empathy I feel in working with people I love and stories I cherish. I turn to my cameras to preserve the integrity of emotions big and small. The real and the raw is how we find strength, and sharing our truths is medicinal.


I run my business with the same virtues and beliefs that guide me on a personal level. My business is a reflection of me at my core––not a curated, immaculate mask of who I wish I was. I am a strong, compassionate, brave, and honest woman. I bring myself wholly to my clients and am so fucking lucky to share in this experience alongside them.